Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scrap Green!

I'm not referring to the color green.

Backtrack a moment...did you know that Monday was Blog Action Day? Well, it was. While reading Ali Edwards' blog on Tuesday I learned that small fact. It is now Thursday and I finally acted on her challenge to scrap green. I set up a small paper recycling station in my scrap room. This is so easy to do! Seriously, if you're going to throw that paper away, instead of putting it into the trash can, place it in a separate bin or brown bag for recycling. A bonus for me...Emma's school participates in a paper recycling program where the school earns dollars for paper placed in the designated dumpster. So not only am I helping the environment, I'm also helping my daughter's school raise education funds.

I highly encourage all of you to do what you can to scrap green! For more ideas on how you can scrap green, visit Ali's blog.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All that Glitters is Gold!

Well, maybe not all the time, but it was definitely the case on this recent layout. Here's just a peek at it today. The title letters are actually Heidi Swapp ghost letters. In case you're wondering how I made the glitter stick, here's my trick:

~Paint the letter with a clear varnish.
~While the varnish is wet, dip the letter into a tray of glitter. I recommend using tweezers to hold the letter. That way you won't get quite so much of the sparkley stuff on your person.
~Set the letters aside to dry.
~When dry, apply a coat of clear varnish. This will act as a sealant/protectant.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Layouts

As promised, here are the complete layouts. The Scrap4Life newsletter was officially released this weekend, so I am now free to share. Both designs were based on Becky Fleck sketches, which can be found on her PageMaps website. I must say that I am absolutely in love with shaped pages right now! It's almost difficult for me to do a traditional square at this time.

Can't you just see the likeness between Maggie & Autumn? I never really noticed until recently just how much Mags resembles her biggest sister. Maybe that's because I wasn't here when Autumn was a wee scrap of a lass like my Miss Mag.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


As these are assignments for the Scrap4Life Design Team, I can't post them until after the newsletter is emailed, which should be within the next fews days. In the meantime, check out these blue eyes! Sometimes this little girl astounds me...well maybe it's most of the time! She sure is something special...

Beyond being very busy scrapping & getting work done for Scrap4Life, all is well. The new part time job (that I started a month ago) is really making a difference in out life. Amazing how that little bit of extra income can relieve so much stress! My duties with Emma's school (I'm on the PTO board) are in full swing as well, but not too much strain on the day-to-day life. And now Girl Scouts will be starting back up this months as well. Yup! I'm Emma's troop leader too. We're going on our third year together as a Troop. Somehow I have managed to bring these 12 girls from Brownie to Juniors. WOW! I really need to review the Junior handbook materials and get things ready for them to start back up.