Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Typical of most scrappers, I am still creating pages with this year's holiday photos. Funny thing is that I think I've done more with this year's photos than any previous year. I always seem to get so behind on these...that and the small fact that by the time the season is over, I am over the season!

This page features Emma & Maggie with Santa at the Krohn Conservatory.

If my memory is correct, this is the last Christmas photo that I have printed for scrap purposes.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Quick Share

I managed to whip out a fast page inspired by the Scrap4Life Scrap-Bowl Crop this weekend. I honestly meant to complete a lot more than I actually did, but weekend life in this big family can be a bit overwhelming.

The challenge was to complete a black & white layout using a color photo and silver or gold embellishments. My white is vanilla, but I think it passes muster.

Here she is....Miss Maggie when she was all of 2 years old. My how she has changed!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Favorite Place

If you live anywhere near Cincinnati, Ohio you've got to know about this place! It has got to be a national treasure for anyone that loves textiles. If you don't live near Cincinnati, I'm sorry. Maybe it's time for a road trip. Or you could always order from their online site. But isn't it always more fun to fondle to products in real life!

Halloween in January?

I'm a bit past due in creating Halloween pages, but when I received this paper a while back, then recently saw this photo again, I knew that the two were meant to be combined into one simple and very non-traditional Halloween page.

Don't you just love the looks on these kid's faces too? You can totally see Maggie's slyness here and Emma's impatience to get the show on the road.

Gotta love my girls!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Just a Thing

but I have actually managed to complete two layouts in the past two days! The first one features a favorite photo of my happy little family (minus Autumn though) that was taken at Schappacher Farm this past Fall. The second one was one of those spontaneous Nora pictures from Christmas Eve. This second page was inspired a layout created by Layle Koncar of Scenic Route. I'm really lovin' Layle's style these days!!!

Here's hoping that I've got my creative groove back one. I know that I've definitely been in a better mood that past couple of days after having a chance to expend creative energy.

By the way, that little red birdie was a gift from my dear sweet friend Nikki in New Jersey. Isn't she the greatest?!?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Forced Creation

Did you every just have one of the days, weeks, or months when you felt the absolute need to create something but just didn't have the energy or time to get it done? That has been my situation since early November! This week, however, I kicked myself in the a$$ and got it done. I spent some of the weekend and then Tuesday morning cleaning up the mess in the scrap room. Of course, most of it was from Maggie & Emma. Bits of paper cuttings & felt, along with toys, markers, etc. were all over the floor & futon. My mess was all over the art table. Argh! I got it done though.

By Tuesday afternoon I was able to play with an old photo of Casey (from last winter) and push some paper around. I am fairly pleased with the end result. I did have fun playing with my Slick Writers creating different borders. I kinda like the sawtooth effect on the arrow.

Hopefully, this will jumpstart my action enough to get me back into the game. Keeping my fingers crossed.

In other arenas today, Maggie said a bad word - damn! - at lunch this afternoon. She managed to mess up something she was doing with her toys while I was preparing the midday meal and she just said it plan as day. I told her that it was a bad word. He response, "You mean like 'stupid' is a bad word?" LOL! I explained that it was a little worse than that. Kids are funny that way. By the way, she learned that one from her dad, not me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Almost there...

Can you believe it?!? Nora is scooting - doing the combat crawl - AND pulling herself up to a standing position on anything & everything that will hold her weight. I really think this super strong little girl of mine is going to skip crawling in the truest sense and jump right into walking...maybe running!!! Yikes! She really is something to behold.